Exquisite Vintage Headwear – ‘Twigs & Honey’

I love, love, love vintage headwear – if I could style myself vintage every day, I would have a different piece of headwear for every day of the year! And in my constant search for vintage headwear I always return to one exquisite brand in particular – Twigs & Honey, for their fabulously romantic and whimsical designs……

Based out of Salem-Portland Oregon (but shipping internationally!), Twigs & Honey started in 2008 after the creator, Myra Callan’s own wedding in 2007 inspired her to start selling creations she had been making since a child – needless to say it didn’t take long for her business to take off!

Amazingly Myra is completely self-taught, with her background more scientific than artistic, she has a degree in Geography (MA) and an emphasis on Environmental Science – although Myra believes that this only lends to the unique and organic designs Twigs & Honey is known for.

The website describes Myra’s designs as ‘ a constant marriage of oftentimes, dichotomous styles’, she uses fine silks, feathers, laces, and vintage bits that result in completely unique adornments, perfect for glamorous, chic vintage brides everywhere!

(All images taken from Twigs & Honey)

Her beautiful range features hair adornments, headbands, birdcage veils, traditional veils, bridal jewellery, belts, boutonnieres, ring pillows, hats, shrugs, bouquets, corsages and more… so I encourage (or indeed beseech) all future brides to take a look at her website and Etsy store for inspiration, ideas and…well just to while away a spare hour!





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2 responses to “Exquisite Vintage Headwear – ‘Twigs & Honey’

  1. Absolutely gorgeous headpieces!!!!

  2. Wonderful, so so so beautiful! Our clients will LOVE this!!!

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