Sunday Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

A blissful Sunday afternoon lost in epic Audrey – I am talking Hepburn, of course! (Funny Face followed by Breakfast at Tiffany’s) gave me an exciting new idea for my blog, ‘Sunday Style Icons’!

Audrey Hepburn - Vintage Pastel Pink

Style Icon is a term brandished far too liberally for my liking, to describe the current crop of fashionistas, who in 50 years will never be remembered. True Style Icons’ effortless elegance and grace however live forever – and are a fabulous source of vintage inspiration for brides!

I believe there has never been a more uniquely graceful person alive than the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, from her incredibly stylish film roles to her own inimitable personal style, she embodied elegant, feminine glamour.

Just take a look at these beautiful shots from her films……

Bridal Inspiration - Long White Gloves

(oooh long satin gloves look so demure and glamorous – perfect for a bride planning a vintage winter wedding!)

Vintage Bridal Inspiration - Headdress & Gloves

It is incredible, but Audrey never considered herself attractive, she even stated in an interview in 1959 “I have often thought of myself as quite ugly. In fact, I used to have quite a complex about it……You can even say that I hated myself at certain periods. I was too fat, or maybe too tall, or just plain too ugly.”

Bridesmaid Inspiration - Chic Black 1950s Dress

Bridal Inspiration - Stunning White & Black Gown

Bridesmaid Inspiration - Chic Black Dress

Bridesmaid Inspiration - Chic White 1950s dress

I don’t think there is a single person who agrees with her. Gregory Peck with whom she appeared in her first film role “Roman Holiday”, said “Audrey is a magical combination of high chic and high spirits.”

And certainly not Hubert De Givenchy whom she met during the filming of Sabrina in 1953, to whom she became something of  a muse, and who went on to design almost all of her wardrobes for her films, and many of her outfits for events such as the Oscars in 1954.

Edwardian Bridal Style gown

Downton Abbey-esque White Gown

Edwardian Black & White Dress

Edwardian Black & White Dress

Edwardian White and Dusky Blue Outfit

I seem to have chosen LOTS of My Fair Lady images, they’re so Downton Abbey-esque, I just love the Belle Epoque!

Why is she such a style icon? Well that’s easy! Fashion experts agree that Audrey’s longevity is because, whatever the fashion at the time, she stuck with a look that suited her, – “clean lines, simple yet bold accessories, minimalist palette.”

I love this quote from Ralph Lauren “Clothes look great or not so great, depending on who’s wearing them. I truly feel Audrey gave Givenchy a look. As time went on, they collaborated, but I think she picked what was Audrey out of Givenchy. The same for my clothes. She just picked from them what was right for her.”

And contrary to her image, although she did enjoy fashion, Audrey didn’t place much importance on it; she preferred casual and comfortable clothes.

Salmon Pink

Bridal Gown Inspiration

60s Hair & Makeup

60s Style

When it came to her own wedding in 1954, to Mel Ferrer, in typical Audrey style, she chose a Balmain dress that, with its tiny waist, wide sleeves and full skirt, was simultaneously of the moment and utterly timeless…..

1950s Bridal Inspiration

Whimsical Bridal Headdress

Balmain Wedding Dress(I have to thank all the fab fans at Fanpop for all the incredible photos)

So chic! Audrey was an amazing, amazing lady and a true ‘Style Icon’!




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