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Sunday Style Icon: Billie Dove

OK, so many may have never heard of the subject of my Sunday Style Icon today, however believe me when I say she is a style icon – anyone in love with the 1920s, Silent Movies or Marcel Waves, as I am, will love her (and as I used to share her surname, she will forever be a favourite of mine)

Billie Dove 1920s Marcel Waves & Pin Curls Hair

Dubbed The American Beauty, the title of one of her films, Billie Dove was renowned for her physical perfection that made her a world-wide symbol of glamour and romance in the silent era. Her sensitive mouth and large, expressive hazel eyes communicated emotion with an electricity that made her one of the most popular silent film actresses of the 1920s and 1930s. Her complexion so flawless that she was a natural choice for some of the earliest films in Technicolor.

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Sunday Style Icon: Veronica Lake

Very few women are remembered for their hair alone…. in fact I can think of only one……

Peekaboo Pin Curls(Images source FanPop)

Pin Curls & 1940s White Dress(Image Source Stirred Straight Up

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